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Facility Management Services Available

"The cry from the executive suite should become 'Prove it cannot be subcontracted'." Tom Peters, noted business management guru, gave this counsel to large corporations as part of a general recommendation that institutions and companies concentrate resources and personnel on core business competencies while hiring "Best in Class" service providers for necessary, but supporting tasks. Peters' advice is reflected in the outsourcing of the facilities management process of over 500 million square feet of commercial real estate to third party providers in the past five years.

When does a company or tenant need a facilities management firm? If you and your staff are responsible for the air conditioning and heating problems, roof leaks, plumbing emergencies, landscape contractors, ADA retrofits, etc., let Halo Realty handle these facility management duties.

Whatever your industry - biotech, hightech, communications, marketing, insurance, banking, manufacturing, etc., we will handle your emergencies, provide solutions to maintenance concerns, and manage any problems with the lease and/or landlord. You can now concentrate on what you do best ---- managing your business.

Are your occupancy costs higher than industry standards? Halo Realty's management team will do an "operational audit" of your facilities and costs thereof. We are confident that this audit will benefit your bottom line.

Acting in the capacity of owner's agent, Halo Realty provides these services in an individual or integrated program. Our clients manage one provider and pay one monthly invoice for all or any combination of the above services. A single point of contact and responsibility for all service requests and work orders across a multi-site portfolio is attractive in a time when corporate support is often overwhelmed and understaffed.

In addition to reducing corporate headcount, the typical adjacent savings resulting from outsourcing are estimated by the Outsourcing Institute (a worldwide professional association and industry resource) to be as much as 50% of the cost of a project performed in-house. While expense reduction is the primary reason for facilities management partnerships, most clients report that improved service to user/occupants and a quantum leap in available portfolio information are often even more valuable.

Initially, a client may want to explore only the service options available for managing a small real estate portfolio, then expand as service is warranted. Typically, Halo Realty's findings, information and recommendations are delivered in a formal, written report, which then enables the client to make informed decisions regarding their real estate. We identify and quantify saving opportunities in these studies, many times offering opportunities for immediate action. Regardless of where a potential client is in the evaluation of its real estate assets, Halo Realty's Facility Management team provides the expertise and resources to assist in the process.

Halo Realty's Facility Management services include:

  • Operations/Building Management
  • Contracted Services Management
  • Project Management
  • Moves and Relocations
  • Energy and Utilities Management
  • Facilities Accounting
  • Lease Administration
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • General Building Services

Thank you for your interest in Halo Realty, and the CRE business services we provide. For additonal information, please use the Contact Us form.
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