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Property Management Services Available

Halo Realty's property management philosophy is to manage each property portfolio from a property owner's perspective, with an acute awareness of the goals and needs of property owners. Halo Realty works as a partner with the property owner taking the time to ask questions and fully understand a property owner's objectives and endeavoring to meet or exceed those objectives.

Getting to know the property owner and his investment objectives positions allows Halo Realty's property management team to act in the property owners best interests, whether negotiating a service contract, managing lease documentation, initiating or rewewing leases, preparing a document, responding to a tenant inquiry or managing the vendors who provide services to the property. Under our direction the property management process focuses on problem prevention rather than problem resolution.

Are your occupancy costs higher than industry standards? Halo Realty's management team will do an "operational audit" of your facilities and costs thereof. We are confident that this audit will benefit your bottom line.

Acting in the capacity of property owner's agent, Halo Realty provides these services in an individual or integrated program. Our clients manage one provider and pay one monthly invoice for all or any combination of the above services. A single point of contact and responsibility for all service requests and work orders across a multi-site portfolio is attractive in a time when an owner's corporate staff is often overwhelmed and understaffed.

Such a philosophy has distinguished Halo Realty from the competition, resulting in the maximization of asset value and increased levels of comfort, service and tenant retention in our property owner's investment properties.

Management controls are critical when you are dealing with fluctuating expenses and income. We use proven, professional methods of management to help you reduce property operating expenses, maintain quality standards and create value. We can keep you informed with our monthly status reports showing your property's receipts and disbursements by income and expense classification, occupancy, and maintenance activities, performance results, and any anticipated problems. We can advise on market conditions, and opportunities for expansion or liquidation.

Initially, a property owner may want to explore only the service options available for managing a small real estate portfolio, then expand as service is warranted. Typically, Halo Realty's findings, information and recommendations are delivered in a formal, written report, which then enables the property owner to make informed decisions regarding their real estate. We identify and quantify saving opportunities in these studies, many times offering opportunities for immediate action. Regardless of where a potential property owner is in the evaluation of its real estate assets, Halo Realty's Proeprty Management team provides the expertise and resources to assist in the process.

Whether you need expert property management of existing portfolio, or sound advice on a project-in-development, call us. We have a wide range of property management experience to share, which can be of significant benefit in helping you achieve your real estate investment goals.

Halo Realty's Property Management services include:

  • Operations/Building Management
  • Contracted Services Management
  • Managing the individual property maintenance personnel and vendors
  • Recommend and implement an
    investment strategy to
    property owner(s)
  • Financial Accounting
  • Moves and Relocations
  • Tenant Improvements (TI's)
  • Common Area Imrovements
  • Energy and Utilities Management
  • Administer the ownership
    organization, as required
  • Service the debt and
    invest surplus cash
  • Make distributions to owners
  • Lease Administration
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • General Building Services
  • Obtain assistance, when
    necessary, in handling
    legal financial, tax issues
    and other matters from
    qualified experts at
    competitive rates

Thank you for your interest in Halo Realty, and the CRE business services we provide. For additonal information, please use the Contact Us form.
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