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Halo Publishing, (a division of Halo Realty & Investments Corporation), specializes in providing unique and desirable Commercial Real Estate (CRE) information products to the discriminating commercial real estate owner, investor, financial institution or other interested parties.

As a CRE information products supplier, we provide superior products to help resolve corporate real estate portfolio problems. Along with Halo Realty & Investments Corporation's asset / property management and/or facilities management services, we specialize in one-on-one relationships while providing consistent quality, reliability & responsiveness.

Commercial real estate information products available include, but are not limited to:

For samples of the above demographic or informational reports, please go to:

Our experience as a landlord, a tenant, an asset manager, a property and facilities manager, as well as being a consultant and advisor to our commercial real estate clients provides us a unique perspective of the corporate real estate management process and the associated need for quality CRE informational products to assist in your decision making process.

A few questions to consider . . . . .

Do you know the demographics of "each" of your business operational areas? Do you know how each location's set of demographical information compares to each of your other business operational areas? Do you know what type of demographics are better suited for your business model than others are? Are the demographics of your business operational areas changing or going to change dramatically in the future? For better or for worse? Are your location's demographics better or worse than five years ago?

Do you know where your major customers are located in relationship to your business function or corporate facilities? Are you better off being closer to those major customers, or further away?

Do you know where your business competitors are located in relationship to your existing or proposed business functions or corporate facilities? Is there another business model that provide synergy to your business model? Where are they located in relationship to your facilities?

Now that we have your attention as to the "potential" types of informational reports that are available, you may wonder how you can obtain such valuable information for any location in the United States.

  • WAIT . . . . . did you just say "any location" in the U.S.? YES we did!

    Maybe you might question that statement. Would you like to give it a try ---- "at no cost or obligation"  ---- on your part?

    Please use the Contact Us form to request a free sample Executive Demographic Summary w/ Charts for any desired location in the U.S.

    Within the "message" section of the Contact Us form provide us with the geographical coordinates of the location you would like tested, and indicate whether you prefer a 1-3-5 mile ring radius, or a 5-10-15 minute drive radius.

    NOTE:     In this case we will need all areas of the Contact Us form completed or filled out, in case we have any questions.

    Shortly after receipt of the Contact Us form with the appropriate information, we will send you, via your email address, an electronic copy of the Executive Demographic Summary for the area you selected.

    Your just might be surprised at how capable and versitale our demographics information is, and how it can assist you and your company in resolving real estate problems.

    • NOTE:     Be reasonable in your sample site selection process. It is possible to achieve "zero" reportable data, if the area selected is not inhabited, or does not have any measurable data. But if you stay with "normal" metropolitan areas, regardless of size, you will be happier with the information being presented to you. Good Luck, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

How simple is it to be able to begin the process to generate similar reports or studies, individually "CUSTOMIZED"   to your business specifications?

All we need to get started for any location in the U.S. are just a few items:

  • First , a current specific street address, including city, state and zip code,
    • such as Renaissance Tower located at:      1201 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75270
  •      OR
  • A set of geographical latitude and longitude coordinates.
    • such as Renaissance Tower, Dallas, TX located at:     36 46' 53" N, 116 48' 07" W
    • using a digital set of degree coordinates it is located at:     36.781281, -96.801901

  • Second , a decision to use either a mileage ring radius,
  •      OR
  • To utilize a drive time distance radius.

    • NOTE:     Either distrance can be individually customized to utilize only a single distance, or up to three separate distances.

    • Selected Mileage Distances can be as low as 0.1 mile and up to 99 miles.
            Such as 1-3-5 Mile Ring Radius

    • Selected Drive Time Distances can be as low as 1 minute and up to 60 minutes.
           Such as 5-10-15 Minute Drive Time Radius

  • Lastly , please let us know what type of business orientation you want your study to be. I.E. Office, Retail, Residential, Industrial / Warehouse, New Development, New Investment.
  •      OR
  • If so desired, you can let us know what specific reports you want included with your study. A complete list of the available reports can be found at:
    List of Available Demographic Maps and Reports

If you have any questions similar to those above, please give a us a telephone call at +1 - 702 - 838 - 4226, or our use the Halo Publishing's Contact Us form to request a free consultation. We will be happy to discuss your individual sitituation with you and how we may be able to assist you.

Our CRE informational products or services include:

Industrial Bldg

Medical Bldg

Office Bldg


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    • The latest quarterly report contains narratives, forecasts, economic insight, statistical data and more on what took place in commercial real estate last quarter.

    • Read the National Market transaction analysis by property type.

Thank you for your interest in Halo Publishing, and the CRE business products or services we provide. For additonal information, please use the Contact Us form.
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